Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Update from the Isle of Lewis

Hey friends! We are so sorry that this is the first time you are hearing from us. The wifi in Scotland can be very spotty at times. All of that to say, we have been on the Island since Saturday night, and have jumped right in.

We got in late Saturday, and woke up Sunday morning to head straight to church. The team was divided up, half of us teaching the younger kids and half of us teaching the old ones. We taught them new worship songs, and spoke about what it means to hear the Lord.

After church on Sunday morning, the team headed to the manse (the pastor's house) for lunch. In Scotland, Sunday lunch is a very long process, taking hours and having multiple courses. The women are amazing cooks, and have treated us very, very well. We had some time getting to know a few of the people serving us lunch, and enjoyed listening to them teach us about the culture.

Sunday night we had the privilege of leading youth group at the Bayhead Bridge Community Center. Nolan and Peter led worship and Jessica and Anna Kate spoke on "The Joy of the Redeemed." Following this, we had the opportunity to lead the Monday night forum on what it means to be a Christian in America.

Tuesday brought one of the greatest challenges, which was teaching at the Nicholson Institute with Nolan teaching on "What is Faith?" and Anna Kate teaching on "Who Is Jesus?". The students can be very hard to engage, but it was a good lesson for our team on being bold, speaking truth, and trusting Jesus to plant the seeds. We get to teach two more classes there, so please pray for strength in Jesus and for the students to have open minds and hearts.

Today was a good day of sightseeing around the Island, with a focus on the Revival that broke out on The Isle of Lewis in the late 1940's and early 50's. We got to meet the son of Donald McPhail, who was one of the youngest people converted in the Revival, and had the opportunity to hear stories and wisdom from the men who know the Revival stories better than anyone.

Thank you for your continued prayers! God is moving here. We are looking forward to movie night tonight with the youth group, along with a sports night, beach bbq, and a congregational walk later in the week. Please keep praying for strength, health, energy, and unity. We love you all!

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