Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Stornaway Pictures

Dinner at the pastor's house with a new Scottish friend, Chloe

Teaching the younger kids how to get in a prayer cave

Asher enjoying his oranges

The ferry ride to the Isle of Lewis

Kristin with her coffee (like always)

The Isle of Lewis team in downtown Stornoway

This week has been a lot of the Asher and Teddy show

Jessica teaching at youth group

Nolan and Peter leading worship

Teaching the kids how to play foot stomp

Asher swinging on the castle grounds

Making crab legs into earrings

Anna Kate and Jessica enjoying the beaches

Anna Kate teaching the youth group about joy

Anna Kate exploring the rocky beach

Isle of Lewis team 

Team at the Nicholson Institute, before teaching the Religions classes

Spontaneous worship night at the pastor's house

Forum with the youth group from Bayhead

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