Monday, June 13, 2016

Stornoway Youth Week Summary!

Our main focus for our week on the Isle of Lewis was to invest into the youth of Stornoway. We can officially say they have captured our hearts. We are so grateful to the High Free Church Stornaway that invited us and took such good care of us. Such a picture of what church is meant to look like.

Each night of the week the church had planned something for the youth to be hosted by us (this was along with doing the schools during the day). We can honestly say it was a bit stretching at times, some things felt like we had been fileted open, but all for the glory of God and to be used by Him. Our team has done an amazing job and have done all that was asked of them. 

Sunday: we jumped straight in to leading Sunday school (older--taught by Asher and younger--taught by Jessica). That evening we hosted youth group with full on games, worship, and teaching (Anna Kate & Jessica). Their teaching led to an amazing opportunity to share our stories (Kristin, Jessica, AK, Asher, Teddy, and Nolan). This helped break the ice for the rest of the week.

Monday: we hosted a forum to share what is like to live life as a Christian.

Tuesday: we attended the weekly prayer meeting and had fellowship / get to know you time with the youth afterwards.

Wednesday: Movie Night! We watched a Franklin Graham movie which shared three different testimonies that led to very deep and eye opening discussions.

Thursday: sports night! The Americans vs. the Scottish! Oh what a night! Thursday also brought us the treat/blessing/step out of our comfort zone of being on the RADIO! Wowzers! Four of us (myself, Anna Kate, Jessica, and Peter) spoke and shared our testimonies. Nolan also shared his testimony and led worship live! What an amazing experience and open door the Lord gave us! 

Friday: BBQ & testimonies on the beach. We worshiped on the beach, our kids were vulnerable, shared their hearts (Kaitlyn, Krysta, and Andrew), and it paved the way for real life giving small group time.

Saturday: We went on a 6 mile "walkabout" with one of their youth leaders Jonathan. I do believe this was the toughest HIKE of my life. Cliffs, mud bogs, and barb wire included. But fun times were had by all-American and Scottish youth.
That evening we hosted a youth night again. Games, teaching, and then to close out the night with worship. Peter taught on "To live is to die" and it was a incredible wrap up to our week. 

Sunday: we attended church in the morning, a beautiful meal was had at the manse (the pastors home) and then some sweet team encouragement time. The week/evening wrapped up with attending church and then afterwards a time of fellowship in which our fearless leader and missionary, Lance Canter spoke on Hearing God. It was a beautiful end to our week here on the Island.

We are on the ferry now about to dock on the mainland. Pictures of our week are to come-promise! 

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