Friday, June 10, 2016

Inverness Team - Friday


Today we spent most of our time in Kiltarlity with the Primary School. We taught a Religious and Moral Education class at 11:00am this morning!

Before the assembly, I might have trespassed into a field of sheep to try to pet one. They ran away whenever I got close... so I took a selfie with them running away (selfie below). Later Cara and Rachel attempted to make friends with the sheep, but they failed as well. Some of the boys tried to corral the sheep so they would get closer to the girls, but that resulted in more of a stampede that luckily didn't kill anyone or sheep (insert nervous laughter here).

We then had to take Wayne (our Australian YWAM friend) to the bus station in Inverness. This was my first experience driving a manual transmission 17 passenger van on the left side of the road through a bigger city with several round-abouts. I think my stress level elevated to a point that it has never seen before. After dropping Wayne off, we made the trek back through the city and out into the countryside. We went back to Kiltarlity to put on a school assembly for the Primary School. After the assembly we played soccer and "rounders" (a baseball/cricket hybrid game).

We left the primary school and had coffee and sweets at the local coffee shop. I don't know what the shop is called, but it is a village stop for just about anything (limited groceries, limited banking needs, coffee shop that has a residential kitchen espresso machine, and convenience store).

We had "burritos" for dinner.

We had about 30 kids at the evening service tonight. The crowd was different. No two nights were the same. It was raining so none of the local kids came, but the kids from the next town (Kiltarlity) came over. We had a time for games, and a great time of worship. Josh TeBeest told the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000, and he told a personal story about God's faithfulness. I then gave a short salvation message along with a common salvation prayer. We broke up into small groups, and asked the groups if any of them prayed the salvation prayer. I believe there was a total of 11 students who admitted that they said the prayer. We are excited about the 11. Pray that they are able to become plugged in, and pray that God gives them opportunity to be discipled and grow in their faith.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of days:

They stole my phone and took a selfie...

Sheep Selfie... as promised.

Trying to pet a sheep

Saying goodbye to Wayne

Jump rope with Wayne

Evening session time Thursday

Evening session time Thursday

Cara teaching the younger children

Soccer at Kirkhill Primary

Selfie with Wayne... Did I mention we really like Wayne?

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