Saturday, June 18, 2016

Isle of Lewis Team -Continued Travel

After our good byes, the Isle of Lewis team had some traveling still to do. After a beautiful drive through the Isle of Skye, we came to a port town in which we caught the ferry. The ferry ride was about three hours and not very generous to us even with Dramamine. 😁 But again, gorgeous! 

Finally on land-  A drive through The Isle of Harris and then to the Isle of Lewis! 
Our arrival was late in the evening, but we were still welcomed by those that work with the youth Jonathan and Fiona and the Pastor of the church that we would be working with, Hugh! There were also a handful of youth on hand to help us feel welcomed! After hugs and warm welcomes, which was much appreciated because it was FREEZING on the Isle, they took us to our homes for the week! We dove straight to bed-Sunday was coming! 

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