Thursday, June 9, 2016

Inverness Team - Thursday


Today we spent time with the Primary school in Kiltarlity teaching a class of 8-10 year olds about Christianity. It is interesting how very few of the students we encounter (whether they are primary or secondary school) really know what Christians are. Every time I ask, "can anyone tell me what Christians believe in?" The top three answers are:

1. You believe in God
2. You believe in Jesus
3. You believe Jesus is real

I poll every class to see how many would say they were Christians, and it has only been 1-3 students who will say that they are.

After that we went to the primary school in Kirkhill. There we played games with the students during their lunch time. Afterward we went o Beauly because I promised the team ice cream!!! After ice cream we went back to Kirkhill Primary and played with the students after school some more. The relationships between my students and the children of Kirkhill are similar to the relationships we have seen in previous trips to third-world countries. The need for love, community, and purpose is universal and comes in every shape, size, and color.

This evening we were a bit interested to see how many would show up. 45 students came! A long way from our 3 on Monday. A 12 year old girl today told me that she was going to go swimming with her friends and family today but she decided to stay behind and come see us instead. 

After a time of games and great moments of worship with Cara, Rachel gave a talk on friendships referencing Daivd and Jonathan in 1 Samuel. We then broke up into small groups divide by gender and 10+ year olds and 9- year olds.

Discussion was fun and the kids loved it! It was a crazy day, and we had fun.

Pray for tomorrow! We will gear the evening toward a salvation message with opportunities for response. Pray kid's hearts would be softened, and that many would come!

I forgot to compile pics from today, so I'll post them tomorrow.

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