Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Big Day

As I'm writing this at 2:08 am, I can officially say that today is the day we leave for Scotland. We've been waiting and praying for this day for months, and it's finally here. We are packed and ready to go, we have raised the funds that we needed, but we are still in need of one thing, and that is prayer. Please join us in praying for these 14 days that we will be serving the beautiful people of Scotland.

Here are some specific ways to pray:

1) Pray that the door to relationship is opened. We are hoping for intimate and real relationships with the Scottish people that we encounter.

2) Pray for open hearts. Many of the people we are serving have not heard of Jesus, or have a hardened heart towards Him. Please join us in praying that our God will shape and mold the hearts of all that we come in contact with.

3) Pray for unity amount the team. It is much harder to love the people of Scotland if we can not first love the people who came with us. Pray for understanding, patience, kindness, and availability among the team.

4) Finally, pray for flexibility. On a trip such as this, things rarely go as planned. Pray that we bring glory to God no matter what the circumstances.